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Do you ever feel in life where the “wind” is holding you back?

This little girl of mine & I adore kites!

They are freeing, they are magical, they create that moment where everything is just right.

Do you ever feel in life where the “wind” is holding you back and no matter which way you go you feel trapped, stuck like there’s just no way escaping that strong terrible “wind”.

Just like kite flying, we need that push that resistance, to help our kites to soar. Without the push of the wind our kites wouldn’t be able to be as free. Nor would we be able to be free to create, free to be, free to make choices regardless of the wind.

So when I recognize that I am fighting against the wind, I stop and reflect then choose to turn around and embrace the wind.

When I do this not only does it help my kite to fly higher but it helps me to create breakthrough for myself and creating freedom by creating what I want to create. And that is creating moments of joy and happiness again in my life.

So maybe instead of pushing against the wind that’s making you feel stuck and trapped turn around and find a way to embrace it in a way to help you to create that breakthrough for yourself.

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