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Groundhogs Day and Grief

Dear Sweet Momma,

I just want you to know that I see you. I see the heaviness in your heart and the ache that never seems to fade. The grief you carry after losing a child can feel like being caught in an endless loop, where each day feels like the last, blending into a cycle as if you're living a "Groundhog Day" of emotions.

I understand how grief can feel like this casting a shadow over every moment. The depth of a Momma’s Grief is profound and can feel overwhelming.

While being in the middle of so much tenderness, from one Momma to another, I want you to know that there's always hope. There are meaningful steps you can take to support yourself through this profound journey.

I call this profound journey Rebuild Beautiful.

It’s 6 Weeks of Healing Awareness &

6 Weeks of Inner Hope Steps.

Come join me on a FREE Connection Call, February 15th 11:30-12:00pm (pst)

for a mini class on Healing Awareness.

This 12 Week Course is ready for you to end this Grief Groundhogs Day cycle. And because I believe in this work to support Mommas through Grief, I want to give you very special Valentine’s Gift on the call.

I’m Always in your Corner,

💛 Tanya ((hugs))

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