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 Coaching Course

Let's Rebuild those Life Practices, so you can start living in the NOW with Self Compassion.

Create Healing

Mental Fitness Practice



Our Brains are amazing.

They are programed to keep us alive, to keep us from feeling discomfort, and to preserve energy.

But are your old programs serving you in the NOW?

Do you feel like you are living the same day over and over again?


Mental Fitness Practice Offers:


A safe space to explore with curiosity how your brain is EITHER,

supporting you or sabotaging you.


There is life beyond grief, you do not need to feel lost to it anymore. 

This safe community is here for you to Rebuild that Beautiful Life.

Healing comes in the NOW. Now is the time.

My gift to you, Free 45 min Coaching Session.


Rebuild Beautiful Course Offers:

6 weeks Mental Fitness

12 weeks Grief & Loss 

= 18 weeks of tools.

+ Group Coaching 

+ Private Coaching

In Healing & Hope, Tanya Mathison

Create Inner Hope

Grief & Loss Six Awareness Steps
Inner Heart Practice

6 awareness.png

 Life creates many circumstances, and we cannot  always predict the outcome of any situation.

We do not need to feel lost to Grief. Grief is just Deep Love.

We do not need to feel lost to Emotions. Emotions are just communication. Are you listening or are you resisting?

 Grief & Loss Six Awareness Steps 

Inner Heart Practice Offers:

Tender steps to bring the ashes of grief into exploring how to make life beautiful again, no matter the triggers that may come your way. 

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