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What is Mental Fitness?

Our Mind Brain IS amazing.

They are programed to keep us alive, to keep us from feeling discomfort, and to preserve energy.

But are your old programs serving you in the NOW?

Do you feel like you are living the same day over and over again?


Mental Fitness Practice Offers:


A safe space to explore with curiosity how your brain is EITHER,

supporting you or sabotaging you.


There is life beyond grief, you do not need to feel lost to it anymore. 

This safe community is here for you to Rebuild that Beautiful Life.

12 Week Course.jpg
Week 1- 6 Rebuild Beautiful Course:

.Learn Grounding Confidence

.Understand your Inner Judge

.Hear your Inner Sage

. Access your Inner Sage

.Support Video for Each Week

.78 Printable & Downloadable Companion Workbook

.Support Book Recommendations for each Week

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