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Rebuild Beautiful Butterfly
1 Mile Bubble Walk/ 5K Run 2023

100% Proceeds goes to Grief & Loss Support Empowering Families in WA, Okanogan County.

What is a Butterfly Walk/ Run? 

A Community that supports Healing.

Healing in Grief.

Healing in Loss.

Healing in Mental Health.

Healing in Emotional Health.

You Matter.

Your Life Matters.

Your Thoughts Matter.

Your Emotions Matter.

How You Heal Matters.

Rebuild Beautiful Coaching

Butterfly 1 Mile Bubble Walk/ 5K Run

Offers You a Safe Place to Heal as you Walk or Run

to connect with YOURSELF.

Come Join these Amazing Events


$25 In-Person (EVENT ENDED)


$20 Virtually. (ON GOING STILL)


In Person Offers:


.Butterfly Release

.Painting Healing Rocks

.Custom Butterfly Medal

.Water/ Electrolytes

.Rebuild Beautiful Guest Speaker

.Rebuild Beautiful Guest Singer

Virtually Offers:

.Walk/Run Bib

.Custom Butterfly Medal

(both will be mailed out to you upon registration)


There is life beyond grief, you do not need to feel lost to it anymore. 

This safe community is here for you to Rebuild that Beautiful Life.

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