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Running Through Grief: My Metaphor for Supporting Women

Running has become more than just a form of exercise for me. It has evolved into a powerful metaphor for supporting other women through grief, carrying the weight of emotional hydration and fueling their journey as I navigate through my own.

When I lace up my running shoes and strap on my water pack, I am not just preparing for a physical endeavor. I am embracing a symbol of resilience and empathy, carrying the literal and figurative weight of supporting others as I pursue my own healing.

As I carry my water pack and fueling snacks, I envision myself encountering other women along the journey, particularly mothers who are experiencing the profound and complex emotions of grief. In these encounters, I have the opportunity to offer them the sustenance they need to continue their own difficult journey.

Just as I know how to hydrate and fuel my body for the long run, I also understand how to provide emotional and practical support to those who are traversing the challenging terrain of grief. I recognize that grief is not a sprint; it's a marathon. This understanding has shaped my approach to both my personal running journey and my role in supporting others.

In learning to carry enough water for myself and for others, I've also gained an intimate awareness of recognizing when I'm running low. I have learned not to wait until I'm empty and depleted, as doing so would hinder my ability to support and uplift others. By acknowledging the signs in my body and emotions, I recognize when it's time to refuel and rehydrate, ensuring that I can operate at my peak performance.

This keen self-awareness allows me to be fully present for others as they navigate their own grief. By prioritizing my own self-care, I am better equipped to extend genuine empathy and support to those who are enduring loss and heartache. It's a delicate balance of caring for oneself while being attuned to the needs of others—a balance that I continually strive to maintain.

By embracing the lessons learned from running and applying them to the realm of grief support, I have cultivated a deep sense of empathy and understanding. I recognize that every individual's grief journey is unique, much like every mile of a marathon presents its own challenges. Through my experiences, I have honed my ability to provide the essential "hydration" and "fuel" that others require to persevere.

My commitment to recognizing and addressing my own needs has not only enhanced my personal well-being but has also equipped me to walk alongside other women as they navigate the tender and arduous marathon of grief. I strive to be a source of strength and encouragement, offering a metaphorical hand to hold and a listening ear to those who are in need.

Learning to run has transcended the realm of physical fitness, transforming into a poignant metaphor for offering empathy, support, and sustenance to other women as they navigate grief. Just as I equip myself with the essentials for a long run, I have learned to equip myself emotionally and mentally, ensuring that I can be a pillar of strength for others. Through self-awareness, empathy, and a deep understanding of the marathon nature of grief, I am committed to supporting and empowering women on their unique journeys of healing and hope.

If you're a Momma who's lost a child, like myself, wanting to learn how to make it from one mile to another, you've come to the right place. Start simple with my FREE Grief Journal. You can download that from your computer at

I'm always in your corner, Tanya ((hugs))

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