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Rebuild Beautiful Butterfly Walk/Run 2023

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of Hosting the Rebuild Beautiful Butterfly Walk/ Run event and it was simply magical!!!

The energy that surrounded us all that morning was full of love and light. It was amazing to connect with other Mommas, Friends who have experienced Grief and Loss, to really feel a sense of support coming from all directions.

I wish that all Mommas who could benefit from such an event could have been there, but I am comforted in knowing that this is only the beginning.

Rebuild Beautiful will continue to host

similar Walk/Run events across WA, providing more and more Mommas with a safe space to process their Grief and remind them that they are never truly alone.

I'm so thankful for these kinds of events that allow us Mommas an opportunity to process and heal our Grief in a meaningful way, while also helping others to Rebuild Beautiful lives. So, let's continue to spread the word and create much needed awareness about Grief and Loss.

It is my hope that more Mommas will join us on this journey and create meaningful connections that will help us through the hard times. It starts with small moments like these Butterfly Walk/Run events, but it can make a lasting and profound impact on our lives.

Every single one of us deserves to live the life that we want, no matter how tender our circumstances may be. Together, we can Rebuild a Beautiful Life.

I‘m Always in your Corner,

Tanya ((hugs))

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