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My 🦃Thanksgiving Gratitude 📕Poem:

Hoping you and your families had a special celebration. ((Hugs))💛

“In moments fleeting, time slips away,

But within our hearts, the memories stay.

For in this world so fast and wide,

Family's love is a comforting guide.

We gather 'round with laughter and cheer,

Embracing those we hold dear.

For we know not what tomorrow may bring,

So today, let our voices sing.

Gratitude blooms in the tender embrace,

As we share love, in every space.

For in our hearts, we hold the truth,

That family is a treasure, a precious fruit.

In busy lives and hectic days,

It's easy to get lost in life's maze.

But amidst the chaos, let us remember,

Family bonds, strong as ember.

The gift of time, so precious and rare,

Let's make it count, show them we care.

For in the blink of an eye, it can all change,

And our hearts may be left in pain.

So cherish the moments, big and small,

For they're the threads that bind us all.

In gratitude, we find solace and peace,

As we create memories that'll never cease.

Together we stand, hand in hand,

A loving bond, forever grand.

For in this journey, through thick and thin,

Family's love will always win.

So let's make time, today and forever,

To cherish this bond, nothing can sever.

For we never know if another day we'll see,

Together, in love and harmony.

Let gratitude guide us, strong and true,

As we make time for family, me and you.

For in this tender gratitude we find,

A love that's everlasting, one of a kind.”

I'm always in your corner, 💛Tanya ((hugs))

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