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Grief Crashing, Have you heard of that?

It's what happens to the best of us.

We push, We move, We carry-on the best we can from tender dates, to holidays and events only to Grief Crash when it's all done.

It's almost like our body, mind & spirit need an emotional time out. A time out to release the pressure of inner emotions that were building within. A time out is our way to embrace it all, its a time to allow what's been hiding to be seen. A time out to communicate with those painful parts that have something to say.

Yup, since mid August I've pushed, moved & carried on the best I could & tonight I grief crashed hard. The tender dates, holidays and events are over and my body has LOTS to say about it ALL.

When I grief crash, I often feel so physically sick to my stomach. Why? It's just the emotional communication process that takes place between my body, mind & heart.

If you have experienced Grief Crashing, then you know what I'm taking about. Perhaps your emotions communicate differently to your body, mind & heart. However, the communication comes for you, I want to encourage to take the time to listen. Stop, Reflect & Choose to Embrace, don't run, don't hide, just allow yourself to be present.

You are exactly where you need to be. Nothing has gone wrong. You are doing better than you know. Grief Crashing is a gift, allow yourself space & grace to accept it into your heart.

If you create that safe place within yourself, you will wake up feeling one with peace & calm, because that inner battle is gone. Let your feelings be heard by YOU. Grief Crashing is a gift, nothing has gone wrong.

Let's Rebuild Beautiful through one crash at a time. In Health & Hope, Tanya Mathison

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