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14th Angel Anniversary Coming Up, lots of feelings

The Angel Anniversary of my son Caleb, is approaching, and it is natural for me to experience a flood of emotions. This can be such a tender time. I’ve come to personally understand how important it is to prioritize my self-care and create that space for inner healing.

It can feel so challenging to navigate this journey without some sort of self judgment, so I’m remembering to be gentle with myself and allow things to just be & to be open in embracing new ways to Rebuild a Beautiful life around my Grief & Loss journey.

On the 24 & 25, I will give myself permission to take a moment & honor my sweet son's memory…. reflecting on the love and joy he brought into my life.

I am going to let the tears flow. I am going to let the laughter flow through the bittersweet memories. Every emotion us Mommas feel, is just evidence of our Deep, deep love for our Angel Children.

Others may not understand how we feel, and it’s ok. The important thing is understanding how to Support ourselves during these tender Anniversaries. It is definitely easy to criticize ourselves for feeling a certain way or for not being further along on our healing journeys.

But, Please 🙏🏼 remember, judging ourselves not only brings unnecessary pain and but, it also hinders our ability to stay in the present.

So, instead of judging myself, I’m going to practice self-kindness and compassion. I’m going to observe my thoughts and consciously choose to let go of them because I truly believe that us Mommas, we are doing the best we can.

Sweet Momma, Every step forward, no matter how small, is a step towards Rebuilding your Beautiful life.

Always in your Corner, Tanya ((hugs))

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