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Sitting with Anger

I’ve been sitting with a lot of anger today.

Have you ever had a dream that really just made you all emotionally upset?😔

I get vivid dreams, which is wonderful but it can create so much emotion for me, like last night.

I got a visit from my son, Caleb. 💛

“Caleb & his sweet Irish Twin, Liahona, were playing and just enjoying the heavenly bliss around them.

Missing his sweet face, just so familiar on my heart, I ran to him, picked him up & embraced him while sobbing uncontrollably.

He had no idea what I was doing, and getting annoyed with me because he just wanted to play. Unable to control the soul breaking tears that flowed, I released my embrace.

I noticed how happy & carefree he was.

Not in any pain, but completely at peace.

But I still continued to sob. Torn between wanting to go back and hug him & never letting go, and just allowing that space to watch his sweet smile as he played with his Irish Twin without a care or worry.

Then he was gone.”

This is the daily journey of those that walk the tender experience with loosing a child. We are torn between, wanting to go back and hug our child, and trying to allow that space to watch them in our hearts as they live without a care or worry.

I choose to just breathe through this life contraction.

As they will continue to come, and that’s ok.

It’s just evidence of the Deep Love called Grief as I continue to keep moving forward to Rebuild Beautiful in my life.

I walk with Women through that tenderness of Deep Love. I am always learning more about this Journey, and here to support you as well.

In Healing & Hope 💗 Tanya ((hugs))

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