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Are you an over thinker??

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Sometimes we just tend to over think, right? Who are my over thinkers out there like me? I just want to remind you that ALL of our thoughts are NOT facts. Sometimes it’s hard to see that, but when we tune into what’s happening right now, to help bring us perceptive. As we pay attention to our sense & practice being present, we can act from the present. So, how do you want to show up today for yourself? How do you want to show up for your family? As we act in the present, we can create change by giving ourselves perspective. Let’s stop being over thinkers and start moving forward from the present. That is where the real change happens.

I walk with Women work through their grief. Let’s start with where you are, to get you Rebuilding your Beautiful. Your First 45min Coaching Session is free. If you would love to explore what that would look like for you to hold both grief and hope at the same time. This is worth the value to move forward and to start thriving in your life again. We are Stronger Together.

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