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Day 7 “What do you love most about your loved one & how are you keeping that alive?”

There are so many things that I love about my son Caleb.

One of the biggest things is how often he would smile.

Smiling really was one of this talents. He would draw so many smiles & help make people’s just by smiling at them.

I tried so hard to smile, but the pain to smile was so hard while trying to manage my grief and emotions.

Only 10 years later have I been able to smile and actually mean it. When I smile now I feel my son by my side. I know he’s happy for me. Happy that I found healing, health & hope while still walking this journey of grief & loss.

This journey of grief & loss is not a sprint. It is a marathon. So take it slow, be kind to yourself & just keep breathing.

If you would like extra support, my book ‘Magical Disaster’ explains 6 steps that I have learned from my journey of grief & loss.

These 6 steps will help assist you too on your personal journey. I know there is Life after trauma, let me show you how you can smile again.

Can’t wait to connect with you my friend, you are not alone. We are definitely stronger together.

Let’s Rebuild Beautiful together.

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