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Creating a New Normal

The wrong patterns from day to day 😔hurt us.

After awhile we start to feel like something is missing in our lives, leaving us to question, is there more in life? What’s next? That’s when we know we are on a path to creating a #NewNormal.

I have been #contending in my New Normal for 10 years, but creating a New Normal “#OnPurpose” for 3 years! There is a HUGE difference, let me explain.💕

I let the new normal disrupt my growth. The auto routines I repeated year after year keep me stuck because I had 🤦🏼‍♀️no idea of what to do next, or of what to try next, or even just what to think about next. These questions alone overwhelmed me & kept me spinning in confusion.

Sometimes we have to just:

🖤go through the emotions,

🖤go on auto,

🖤go through the #process day after day so that we can get to that place when we’re ready to take control of ourselves, not of the circumstance because we don’t have control of what is happening outside of us

But Choosing 🙏🏻to take control within ourselves, that’s when the change happens, that’s what it means to create a new normal😇 “On Purpose” regardless of what’s going on outside of us.

I ♥️ #love being the #dominantforce of my life. I a long time I allowed the world to act upon me and telling me what I can or can’t do or how I can or can’t feel,

I have learned #oneday, #onestep at a time HOW to become dominant source in my life & how I want to feel and show up for myself. This has created #newresults for me unlocking the blessings to thrive and not just survive anymore.

This is what a coach. This is the gift of #healing #health and #hope that I give because I #care so much about you and want you to know there is #moreinlife then just being on auto and surviving.

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