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‘A Man Named Otto’ Movie Reflection

If you have not already seen this movie that's currently in the theater with Tom Hanks, It's all about grief and loss. I don't wanna give anything away, but I would like to do a little reflection about this movie.

Those of us that live our lives around grief and loss, will really connect with the power behind the tender message of the movie. We will see it a little differently than others, because we personally have experienced that deep love that we call grief.

Otto, Tom Hanks, shows a lot of anger and sadness as he interacts with the community, the neighborhood & especially a newly move-in family.

That's one of the main human reactions of grief and loss, operating from anger and sadness. Whether it's been Five days, Five weeks, Five months, Five years plus, the anger and sadness may always be there because we are human beings, experiencing human emotions, living a human life.

It had only been Six months for Otto, since his sweet wife had passed away. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know where to turn. He just felt stuck with no options.

Somewhere along the journey, regardless, of where we're at, we might just feel lost, and we will realize at some point that going on "Auto" just isn't enough.

I want you to know, it's in those very moments when we feel the most lost, where we can receive the most precious experience to start seeing in color again, just like Otto.

But, we have to give ourselves the permission to keep trying just like Otto, no matter the triggers that come our way.

Triggers are not the enemy, Triggers are just communication. Emotions are not the enemy, emotions are just communication.

As Otto opened up and shared about his triggers and emotions to people that were safe and deserved to hear his story, He felt heard, safe & validated. He started to see life in color, and no longer just in black-and-white.

I too, lived my grief and loss with so much anger and sadness, and only could see life in black and white, never experiencing joy. I was done. Ten years into my journey I was tired. I was sick and tired of that being my "Auto".

If Otto can change his "Auto", If I can change my "Auto", I know you can too. You can Rebuild a Beautiful life & see in color again.

You don't have to walk your grief & loss journey alone. Come walk it in color with me. Come change your "Auto". I'd love to support you my friend.

In Healing & Hope 💗 Tanya Mathison ((hugs))

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