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Strength- Spiritual Health

Creating Wholeness by saying this is "Me Embracing Personal Strength"

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Strength- Wholeness
Create Wholeness to say this is, 
"Me Embracing Personal Strength."


What is "Me Embracing Personal Strength?"

Our Mind Brain, Heart Brain & Body ARE amazing.

But it's even MORE amazing when we HUG it ALL

with our Wholeness Spiritual Practice.

We are NOT our thoughts.

We are NOT our emotions.

We are NOT just bodies.

We ARE precious souls 

WITH thoughts,

WITH emotions,

WITH a body.

How are you practicing living with your Mind Brain?

How are you practicing living with your Heart Brain?

How are you practicing living with your Body?

But MOST importantly, How are you practicing

 with your Spiritual saying this is,

"Me Embracing Personal Strength?"

Do you feel like you are living the same day over and over again and not getting very far in your practices?


Rebuild Beautiful Offers:


A safe space to explore with curiosity how your Mind Brain, Heart Brain & Body Awarenes is EITHER,

supporting you or sabotaging you.


There is life beyond grief, you do not need to feel lost to it anymore. 

This safe community is here for you to Rebuild that Beautiful Life.


Welcome Rebuild Beautiful Friends.

Celebrating where we are at here in our Community by,


Rebuild Beautiful Workshop,

Sat, Oct 7th 6-8pm (PST)


Click the WORKSHOP button to reserve you spot for this date.


Mental, Emotional, Physical Health tied with a bow,

Your Whole Health matters.

You get to choose. Give yourself permission to try something new.

Because that just might be exactly what you need to 

Rebuild your Beautiful Life.

In Healing & Hope, Tanya ((Hugs))

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Own Your Story- So Your Story Doesn't Own You
Your story matters. Rebuild Beautiful is a safe community for Women
to walk their tender journey of Grief & Loss with a community
 to Rebuild who they are.

Here you get to decide how you want to create your beautiful life.
 Yes. even while still walking the tender journey of Grief & Loss.
We walk this journey together. You are never alone.
In healing & Hope, Tanya
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