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FREE Rebuild Beautiful Journal
for Grieving Mommas

I've created this Healing and Inner Hope Journal specifically for you Sweet Momma.

Allow yourself the space to think, feel and write out what's on your heart.


Hello, my name is Tanya Mathison.

I lost myself to the journey of Grief. For over a decade I forgot how to laugh & smile. I could only see life in black & white.

I rarely had the strength the to notice simple things like snow on my face.


I had to stop hiding from the ache and just give myself permission to just be in the yuck without any judgement as I turned to listen to the Grief as it spoke. I call this


'Recognize That You Are Grieving.'


It can be so hard to hear it speak, but the more we listen, the better we can understand the deeper language of Grief. It’s such a powerful first piece in the process of Rebuilding a Beautiful life.

My Grief is always going to be apart of me because Grief is just deep DEEP love. That love wants to be heard. That love wants to be seen. That love is made to be shared.



Meet my Angel son, Caleb Luccas.

His spirit radiated so much joy through his love for soccer, outdoor adventures, playful moments with his siblings, and unwavering adoration for his family.

His infectious laughter and ever present smile were a testament to his vibrant nature, rarely touched by sadness and always ready to lend a helping hand.

June 23, 2001-

Aug 25, 2009

Tragically, at the tender age of 8, he was taken from us in a car accident, leaving a void that words cannot capture. The weight of survivor's guilt can be such a heavy burden and a hard thing to navigate without supportive tools.


I believe that every Sweet Momma can Rebuild a Beautiful Life from Grief & Loss.  

I'm a Momma just like you walking a tender journey.

If I have learned anything from walking a tender Grief journey is that, isn’t not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Pacing ourselves is such a necessity to rediscovering YOU again so you are no longer lost.

This is my hope and dream for ALL Mommas because I personally know what it’s like to be lost. But I also personally know what it’s like to be found.

I coach my Rebuild Beautiful Members in a way that connects:


Healing Awareness


Inner Hope  Steps

I first learned about coaching when I hit a roadblock in my own life and was struggling to move with Grief feeling Lost to the process.

These 2 Practices are so empowering that friends and family have reached out for support on their own personal journeys. This inspired me to turn my Healing, Inner Hope Journey into a full-time Coaching career.


If I can Rebuild a Beautiful Life from Grief & Loss, you can too.  

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Welcome Sweet Momma to Rebuild Beautiful Coaching.

ALL NEW Experience STARTING Jan 2024:


  • FEB- FREE Online Healing Awareness Call

  • MARCH- FREE Online Inner Hope Call

  • APRIL- Teddy Bear Drive Grief Support for:                                                          OCCDA, Seattle Children's Hospital, Omak Hospital

  • MAY- Mother Day Grieving Healing Baskets Activity

  • JUNE- FREE Online Healing Awareness Call

  • JULY- FREE Online Inner Hope Call

  • AUG- 1st Annual Summer Rebuild Beautiful Retreat- Aug 29- 31st

  • SEPT- In Person Butterfly Walk/ Run in Maple Valley, WA- Aug 31st

  • OCT- In Person Day of the Dead Celebration

  • NOV- Christmas Inner Hope Baskets Activity


And Let's Rebuild that Beautiful YOU.

I'm Always in your Corner, Tanya ((hugs))

Retreat & Walk/Run Event Links Coming Soon
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